Tales of Berseria Trainer

Trainer maker WEMOD released a cheat trainer for Tales of Berseria with +10 different options. You can download the trainer from deviatted website by clicking this link. What this trainer tool has are the following cheats


Unlimited Health

Unlimited Gald

Unlimited Katz Spirits

Unlimited Souls

Unlimited BG

Super Combo

Unlimited Items

Massive XP Gain

Save Anywhere

One Hit Kills

Remember that a trainer can be used very simply by launching it then pressing hotkeys on your keyboard and see the effect in game. Tales of Berseria is the next game that came after Tale of Zestiria and was liked by many of the fans of the series.

If you have comments or thoughts about the cheat, let us know in the comments below!.

Games to play this summer 2016

Check out some of the top games released this summer that you can play right now!.

No Man’s Sky
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Don’t Starve Together
– Like the title says don’t starve. It is a game about survival and gathering/building.

Ori and The Blind Forest
– A very beautiful Microsoft studios game telling the story of Ori. Experience his life as he grows from a tiny dot to a bigger Ori in beautiful cinematics experience.

– This strategy game competed with some of the top strategy games in 2016 and almost win. Still, very addicting.

The Witness
– Another exploration game in an open-world. Last but definitely not the least.

List taken from Huffingtonpost