Games to play this summer 2016

Check out some of the top games released this summer that you can play right now!.

No Man’s Sky
– An endless sky adventure of galaxy where you have to try to reach the center of it all. The center of galaxy. This game is huge and there is a good chance you will get lost – not just in the game’s galaxy but in reality itself.

Don’t Starve Together
– Like the title says don’t starve. It is a game about survival and gathering/building.

Ori and The Blind Forest
– A very beautiful Microsoft studios game telling the story of Ori. Experience his life as he grows from a tiny dot to a bigger Ori in beautiful cinematics experience.

– This strategy game competed with some of the top strategy games in 2016 and almost win. Still, very addicting.

The Witness
– Another exploration game in an open-world. Last but definitely not the least.

List taken from Huffingtonpost

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